Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for speaking and writing gigs?

Yes. Please direct all queries to loladavina1 at gmail dot com. But before you do... I have guidelines for appearing on podcasts-- please review before contacting me.

I have guidelines for writing requests, including quotes--please review before contacting me.

Hey Lola-- I want to purchase your books in whatever way it helps you the most. where's the best place to buy?

Great question, and I appreciate that so much!

I love the book, and want to tell the world, but I can't/am not comfortable leaving a review on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

I get it! For those of you who received the book as a gift, or bought it through a civvy account, or don't buy from mega-companies, you can still share your thoughts by:

  • Emailing me your review, and I'll post it on my Testimonials page.
  • Heading over to Goodreads and leaving a review there.
  • Blogging about it. Send me a link-- I'll promote it!

I have a sex-work-related project, and I'd like your help. I need: Statistics, studies, sex worker contacts.

Helping working sex workers is my mission; educating the broader public about sex work is not. If you're looking for sex-work related statistics or studies, I'm not a good source. Also, I'm not available to put you in touch with any current sex workers.

However, if you have a clear, concrete plan to recruit sex worker participants that you'd like me to promote on social media, I will consider assisting your project. Please review these guidelines before contacting me.

    You're retired, Lola. Why do you still call yourself a sex worker?

    Fair question. After all, a job in the sex industry isn't the same as sexual orientation or gender identity.

    Somebody smart once said you're a Lusty like you're a Marine: for life. "Former" never appears in front of the title. I've been retired for more than a decade now, but sex work remains a key component of my sexual and career identity and continues to shape my worldview. For me, sex worker is a lifetime identification.

    Can I be a guest blogger for your blog? 

    You want to write blog content for free? Bless your heart! Email me a link to your blog or other writings and what you have in mind for a post topic. We'll discuss.

    Will you be a guest blogger for my sex worker blog?

    Ditto above, but please read my writing request guidelines first.