Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available for speaking and writing gigs?

Short answer: Yes, with some guidelines and restrictions. 

Please direct all queries to LolaDavina at protonmail dot com. But before you do... I have guidelines for appearing on radio and podcasts-- please review before contacting me.

I have guidelines for writing requests, including quotes--please review before contacting me.

If you have a live event you'd like me to appear at, please email me your proposal, along with travel considerations, if any.

However, please note that I am NOT available at this time to do video, cable, tv, or documentaries.

I have a product or a service I’d like you to link to on your website.

I have strict guidelines as to what I will link to my site, since I consider that to be a direct endorsement to my readers. I will consider it if:

  • You are a nonprofit

  • Your product or service is free or very low cost

  • Your mission is to help sex workers, PoC, trans* folks, LGBTQIA folks, the homeless, the previously incarcerated, undocumented workers, or other marginalized groups

I will make certain exceptions if the link is to something of specific interest and value to the sex worker community. Click here for an example of a for-profit entity I linked to offering advice and education along with a pitch for their (low cost) privacy service.

I live in the U.S. and want to purchase your books in whatever way it helps you the most. where's the best place to buy?

Great question, and I appreciate that so much!

I want to buy your paperbacks and ebooks, but I don’t live in the U.S.

Great question—thanks for asking. And will you adopt me?

Unfortunately, as a self-published author, the options are limited. International shipping is hideously expensive, costing more than the paperbacks themselves. For paperbacks, I’m mostly dependent on Amazon for all overseas sales. Check the Amazon site that delivers in your country.

If you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia, you can try ordering from your local bookstore. (You can check the list of international bookstores that carry Thriving here.)

The ebook version of Thriving should be available through your country’s compatible ebook platform. The only way to purchase the workbook electronically is buying the PDF through my website here.

I love the book, and want to tell the world, but I can't/am not comfortable leaving a review on Amazon, iTunes, etc.

I get it! For those of you who received the book as a gift, or bought it through a civvy account, or don't give your money to mega-companies, you can still share your thoughts by:

  • Emailing me your review, and I'll post it on my Testimonials page.

  • Heading over to Goodreads and leaving a review there.

  • Blogging about it. Send me a link-- I'll promote it!

I’m part of a sex-worker nonprofit/NGO. Do you ever donate books or offer them at a reduced price?

Please email me information about your organization, along with how many books you need, at LolaDavina at protonmail dot com. Please note that I’m only able to donate paperbacks domestically at this time, but I’ll work with international organizations in other ways.

I have a sex-work-related project, and I'd like your help. I need: Statistics, studies, sex worker contacts.

Helping working sex workers is my mission; educating the broader public about sex work is not. If you're looking for sex-work related statistics or studies, I'm not a good source other than the articles available on my Resources pages. Also, I'm not available to make introductions or connect you directly with sex workers for any purpose.

However, if you have a clear, concrete plan to recruit sex worker participants that you'd like me to promote on social media, I will consider assisting your project. Please review these guidelines before contacting me.

You're retired, Lola. Why do you still call yourself a sex worker?

Fair question. After all, a job in the sex industry isn't the same as sexual orientation or gender identity.

Somebody smart once said you're a Lusty like you're a Marine: for life. "Former" never appears in front of the title. I've been retired for more than a decade now, but sex work remains a key component of my sexual and career identity and continues to shape my worldview. For me, sex worker is a lifetime identification.

Can I be a guest blogger for your blog? 

You want to write blog content for free? Bless your heart! Email me a link to your blog or other writings and what you have in mind for a post topic. We'll discuss.

Will you be a guest blogger for my sex worker blog?

Ditto above, but please read my writing request guidelines first.