"Hey Lola-- I want to buy your books however it benefits you the most."

There's no best answer. No matter where you buy my books, it helps me in some way.

  • Special ordering through your local bookstore brings awareness, and helps support small businesses to boot.
  • Buying from independent sex-positive/queer book sellers including  Good Vibrations or Jiz Lee or Spartacus Books makes me look good, it makes you look good. The books are signed, so they look good--> win-win-win.
  • Buying from big companies like Amazon and iTunes helps promote the title, both domestically and internationally. The royalties suck, it's true, but it's a huge boost when you leave a review.
  • Buying directly from me-- I make the most money on the paperbacks this way, but it's stressful. I'll worry every day it's lost in the mail until I hear from you that it's arrived. On the flip side, I'm happy to personalize an autograph!
  • Honestly, I make the highest royalties from ebooks, but not everyone likes that format, and...
  • I really, really encourage you to loan out or hand off the paperback to someone who needs it when you're done. I make zero bucks in the exchange, but it gets the word out and spreads the love! :)