"Hey Lola-- I want to buy your Paperbacks and ebooks in the way that helps you the most. where's the best place to buy in the us?"

Great question-- thanks for asking!  Short answer: THEY'RE ALL GREAT.

“Hey Lola—I want to buy your paperbacks and ebooks, but I don’t live in the U.S.”

Great question—thanks for asking. And will you adopt me?

Unfortunately, as a self-published author, the options are limited. International shipping is hideously expensive, costing more than the paperbacks themselves. For paperbacks, I’m mostly dependent on Amazon for all overseas sales. Check the Amazon site that delivers in your country.

If you live in Canada, the UK, or Australia, you can try ordering from your local bookstore. (You can check the list of international bookstores that carry Thriving below.)

The ebook version of Thriving should be available through your country’s compatible ebook platform. The only way to purchase the workbook electronically is buying the PDF through my website here.

"Hey Lola-- I want to buy The audiobook in the way that helps you the most. where's the best place to buy?"

Great question-- thanks for asking!  Short answer: Buy the AUDIOBOOK directly from me HERE. I get more of the proceeds, and it’s cheaper for you too— win-win!


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In paperback at Amazon


"Thriving" and the workbook available in paperback-- signed!

Ebooks Available Everywhere

Ebook available in all North American and most European, Australian, and New Zealand formats. Check your local ebook provider!

Paperbacks Available Internationally


Thriving available in paperback-- signed! Support Spartacus Bookstore in Vancouver, B.C. Learn more here.

Thriving and the Workbook, with domestic shipping within Canada! Bulk orders also available. Learn more here.


Available Domestically in Australia from Avid Reader Bookstore. Order here.


Autographed copies available at jizlee.bigcartel.com!

Audiobook now available!

Listen to selected chapters for FREE!

Listen for FREE! Lola reads selected chapters-- new every Thursday!