It's here! The "Thriving in Sex Work Workbook" on sale now!

The companion workbook to Thriving in Sex Work is filled with exercises, budgets, self-care guides, and business plans to keep your mind, body, and business thriving. Available on Amazon in paperback.

This week's taste is on boundaries in sex work-- critical to your health and emotional wellbeing.

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Thriving in Sex Work Workbook Sample: Matrix Phrases

From the upcoming "Thriving in Sex Work Workbook": All day, every day on the job, we’re bombarded with messages telling us “This is how the sex industry is.” A major theme of this workbook is challenging your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. This requires special attention to telling them apart. All too often, we have a tendency to treat these things as if they’re all the same. They are not.

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23 Things I Wish I'd Known: #23: Sex Workers Need Love, Too!

When I was working, I could never get enough love. Or maybe it would be better to say I didn’t have the ability to live in love. It was like a medical condition where you’re getting plenty of Vitamin C in your diet, but your body can’t absorb it, so your teeth fall out due to scurvy. I would characterize that time, even in the midst of all my relative good fortune, as feeling starved for love.

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