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23 Things I Wish I'd Known: #13: Sex Work Does Not Solely Define You. Now or Ever.

When I look back on my working days, I remember how deeply I felt that identity in my bones. Every morning, I would wake up and say to myself, “I am a prostitute. I made [X] dollars this week.” Whenever I left the house, walking down the street, riding a bus, I would look around and wonder if anyone could see it on me, if something about me revealed it to the world.

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Things I Wish I'd Known: #3: After 40, Nobody Cares

When you’re forty, nobody is going to give two shits that you did sex work in your teens or twenties. Or your thirties. Or at all, ever. By the time you’re middle-aged, everyone has their story — they’ve struggled with addiction, they’ve gone bankrupt, they’ve had an abortion or been to jail or have a child who doesn’t speak to them...

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Pamela Anderson and Anti-Porn Backlash: Sluts Don't Get To Regret

One of slut-shaming’s most potent weapons is the rule: Sluts Don’t Get To Regret. Whether they wanted it, whether they chose it, whether they said yes to one thing, but that led to something else they didn’t want, sluts don’t get to wish things had gone otherwise. Sluts get what they deserve.

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