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23 Things I Wish I'd Known: #18: Loneliness, Boredom, and Isolation Are Choices

One of the most consistent complaints I see all the time throughout the sex industry is that people feel like they don’t have enough time, money, or energy for outside interests. It’s one of those paradoxes about the job—even though often the hours are flexible, and there can be good money in it, why does it seem like there’s never anything left over for family, friends, and fun?

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New Article for YNOTcam: Surviving the Holidays (Part I)

You are under no obligation to tell anyone you are camming. Ever. Not your mother, your old roommate, your best friend. You are an adult. Nobody owns you. You can be sexual and make money any way you see fit – no one needs to know about it.

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Make Some Art!!

Listen—do me a favor. While you’re working, make art out of your experiences, please? You never know when those memories will be useful later. For so many underground sex radicals, because hiding is the surest way to stay safe, our histories are lost to the ages.

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