Coming in March: The "Thriving in Sex Work Workbook"!

The Thriving in Sex Work Workbook is a companion guide to Thriving in Sex Work, filled with exercises, budgets, self-care guides, and business plans to keep your mind, body, and business thriving.


Each week for the next 12 weeks, I’ll provide excerpts here on my blog to give you a taste.


From the Introduction of the “Thriving in Sex Work Workbook”:


Sex work doesn’t come with a beginner’s manual. Some sex workers are lucky to have help getting started in the Biz; others of us meet fellow travelers along the way. But when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty, no one else can guide us. In sex work, we figure 99% of the job out on our own.

There are systemic reasons for this, including the stigma, criminalization, and exploitation that goes along with any marginalized occupation. But one major contributing factor to our isolation is inherent to the job and yet not a result of oppression: sexuality is fundamentally mysterious. Throw money into the mix, which can be just as emotionally charged as sex. There is just no way to make generalized statements that hold true for everyone, which is why I don’t believe anyone will be writing “Sex Work For Dummies” anytime soon.

That doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t make any kind of sense out of this nutty business. Other people’s advice can be lovely, but it’s not required to know what we already know. We do have the power to explain the job to ourselves. The purpose of this workbook is just that: providing a framework, a conceptual structure to answer these two questions:

1.     What does sex work mean for me now?

2.     How do I cultivate my life, including sex work, to be safe, happy, and nurturing?

3.     What do I want for myself in the future?

Hopefully, Sexy Reader, as a bonus, we can have some fun along the way. :)