ASK LOLA: Tax Preparation Resources for Sexy Workers

It’s tax season again – Folks have been asking me quite a few tax-related questions lately, so I thought I’d pass along the resources that I have for sex workers, both independents and independent contractors. I should say at the outset, I am not a tax advisor and possess no special knowledge; my only goal in providing this information is to help you find someone licensed to answer your tax questions.

It’s just my opinion, but I believe paying taxes as a sex worker – no matter the job title – is challenging. The money we earn as sex workers is often highly emotionally charged. Interacting with the IRS, when governments don’t readily recognize or protect us, can be especially difficult. I understand full well how powerful the desire is to hold onto every dime from doing some of the most intimate work imaginable. However, I encourage you to declare your earnings and pay taxes – it does so many good things for you.

First, you’re operating under the law, always a good thing. You’ll pay into self-employment, Social Security, and Medicare benefits, which you may not care about so much now while you’re young and healthy, but believe me, you’ll be glad to be eligible for them when you’re older. Finally, you can spend this money as you please, above board. Again, while I understand the temptation of paying for everything under the table, no one I’ve ever met was able to retire on a closet full of handbags and platform shoes. Once you pay your taxes, you can spend and invest it in a college education, a new business, however you please.

When I worked, I was fortunate to work with a sex-worker-friendly CPA who also had a law degree. Turns out, that’s an especially helpful skillset to tap into. Over the 15+ years that I knew him, he instilled in me money knowledge that I didn’t get growing up in a middle-class household and from a college education. He taught me that I was supposed to have money, I was supposed to be good at money, and that I didn’t need to be afraid of taxes, saving, and investing. These were things I just simply did not learn before meeting him.Unfortunately, my beloved Ralph has passed away, so he’s no longer someone I can recommend. Here’s what I have to offer:

First off, check out the terrific book The Tax Domme’s Guide for Sex Workers and All Other Business People,by Mistress Lori St. Kitts. Well-written, easy to understand, and filled with terrific information, this is the sex worker bible. Lori helps break down what it means to be self-employed: you are a small business owner, and you should act accordingly! Also, Lori herself is available for tax preparation. You can find her at

I use a local sex-work-friendly tax preparer and lawyer, Christopher Kirk. You can find him at Both Lori and Christopher work long-distance.

However, if you prefer working with someone local, I recommend checking out the Kink Aware Professionals directory. Folks who are confortable with and value alternative sexual lifestyles are listed there. Kink Aware does not vet or screen, so they are not making any endorsements. I can't either, but I can say I’ve had good results finding professional help there over the years.

Finally, here are a few helpful articles I’ve found online:

For the independent contractor who will be getting a 1099.

For the independent sex worker.

Until next time – Be sweet to yourself –


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