Lola, Lola, Everywhere...

Hi Sexy!

So, I guess a bit of humble-bragging in is order, because I did TWO podcasts this week. Last Saturday, I went to the downtown studio of This Damn World and got to hang out with Matt and Dom and Aya, which was quite the goddam blast... They are a funny, salty crew, and they made me feel right at home. We talked about the politics of the week, and then got down to business to ask me all about everything I've every thought about sex work. You can listen to it here.

Then on Wednesday, I chatted with the utterly charming August McLaughlin of the Girl Boner Podcast. She asked me all about Thriving-- so much of her work revolves around self-care and sexuality, so she asked fantastic questions. You can listen to it here. 

And... in case you missed it, I did a 40-minute interview two weeks ago with Dyann of The Body House. She's a hands-only erotic masseuse who works tirelessly to educate clients on how to better treat service providers. We had a far-ranging, terrific discussion about empathy, safety, and how important a president can be in modeling healthy masculinity. Check it out here.

Last but not least, my new article on motivation dropped for I focus on camming, but my tips for establishing good work habits hold true for anyone who is self-employed in the sex industry.

It's been quite the few weeks! I plan on putting out a status report on Thriving in the new week or so, to let you all know how that's coming along. [Spoiler Alert: Slower than I would like, but moving....]

Until next time-- Be sweet to yourself-- xoxo LolaD