Progress Report: Thriving in Sex Work

This is "Big Mama." I ran across her looking for stock photos for the draft of my cover, and she just leapt out at me. 

I named my second draft of Thriving the "Big Mama Edit," because through her, I accessed my own deepest Biggest Mack Daddy /Mama voice. I wanted to hear, see, and feel the love, wisdom, warmth, and humor inspired on every page.

When I would get stuck and not know how to write about something, I'd turn to her and ask, "What would you do in this situation?" She'd always have the right answer.

For those of us who were imperfectly or incompletely parented, like myself, having icons to emulate outside of ourselves can be really useful. There may not have been enough good parenting to fill us up when we were little, but now that we're grown, we can find the love we need and deserve outside of ourselves to make ourselves stronger.

Until next time-- be sweet to yourself--

Lola D.

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