Types of Clients: Part II

Hunters, as the name suggests, have an edge. They’re searching for something ever elusive, perhaps something they’ve been looking for their whole lives, but never found. They itch for variety.

At their worst, these are the review site enthusiasts, or as they call themselves, “hobbyists,” constantly combing the boards for new blood. They’re the ones who call the minute your ad goes live and want first crack at each new dancer at the club. If they run deep and narrow, they’ll run their routine on you once, and think nothing of asking whether you’ve got a “friend” you can put them in touch with as soon as they’re done. This class of client can be deeply resentful of having to pay. One, after I faked a very elaborate orgasm, this hunter client had the audacity to proclaim he didn’t have to pay me if I came too!!

At their best, hunter clients can be exhilarating. If they run wide and shallow, they seek out fellow adventurers, and if you unleash your erotic imagination on them, they’ll reward you handsomely. My good friend X could harness hunters like no other—she reveled in running them. Motorcycle rides up Highway One, crazy three-ways in dark alleys, junkets to Paris—she dreamt up excellent ways to spend their money, and they adored her for it.

But I was never a fan of hunter clients. While they’ve got the power to make you feel like the most desirable creature on earth in the moment (because that’s how they want you to make them feel), with their wandering eyes and restless minds, nothing holds their interest for long. I learned not to wait by the phone for them, no matter how well I thought we connected. 

To be continued...